Developer's block?
  • 15th May 2024 •
  •  2 min read
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  • Last updated on 15th May 2024

Yeah nah, to be honest, ever since yesterday I kinda just stopped feeling like coding in my free time and that's not good. Honestly, ever since I've been on recovery from an operation I had mid-March, I've just been so on-and-off when it comes to coding. Sometimes I'll have days where I start working at 8 AM, blink twice, and suddenly it's 9 PM and then there's other days where I just end up sitting here, not knowing what to code / lacking the motivation to do anything proper.

GIF of a pixel-art cat turning around while sleeping

I recently pulled quite the crunch period, during which I averaged 12h15m of work per day over the course of 3.5 business days. The project needed to be done ASAP, so I ended up overly committed to building it properly. Now that the application is live at work, I have a bit more breathing room, but I also only have very sporadic burts of motivation to actually write code. I don't quite know how and why it's so irregular, but I think I've kinda overdone it with coding for work recently and now that has started to affect what I code in my free time. For context, I used to just code in my time off 'cause it relaxes me. I see it similar to building a puzzle in your free time to calm down from a stressful day. This used to be my easy refuge to get my mind off of things and now I just spent 30min looking at lists of "fun code projects" online, because I can't think of anything I want to do.

For all I know this strange quirk of my mind might be gone tomorrow, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see. As with pretty much any of my posts, god knows if anyone will ever read this, but I'd be curious if anyone else has had similar issues before. If you have and somehow got around it, my email and socials are on the front page of my site.

That's all I got right now I guess.